Gazyk was awarded the largest Oil Sludge clean-up project by the Government of Turkmenistan in February of 2018, directly endorsed by the President of Turkmenistan. The scope of the project involves cleaning up of the numerous onshore oil sludge lakes in and around the shoreline area of the Caspian Sea. The main objective of the 15-year contract is to clean the sands where oil discovery occurred during historical drilling activities, independent geological surface seepage and to recover the oil from the contamination for commercial use.

Gazyk has formed a joint venture with Benel Technical Services from Canada and Hazar Balyk for this particular contract. The JV is named MAWY KENAR with Gazyk as the main operator, Benel Technical Services providing investor relations and Hazar Balyk providing local regulations support for the project. This is the biggest ecological clean-up project in the Central Asian region ever awarded, and is a high profile contract for both Turkmenistan and Mawy Kenar.