The company Overview

GAZYK is the first and only local private licensed oil & gas company in Turkmenistan. We provide an expanding range of oilfield services from Engineering to integrated oilfield services. We bring two core values to help our clients succeed. Firstly, we are experts on our home markets, and secondly, we are adamant about service quality.

As the leading independent oilfield service company in the Caspian Region, we serve our clients with an unrivaled expertise in the technical, geological, logistical, and cultural conditions of our home markets. We also bring our passionate and consistent commitment to quality in order to get every job done right, efficiently, and safely the first time and every time. We implement this rigorousness through our team with international experience, the best equipment, and quality-driven processes to ensure customer satisfaction and exceed expectations. We consider every project we work on “mission critical,” for our clients’ success – and ours.

Gazyk in a nutshell

A provider of a range of Oilfield services from Integrated Project Management, Engineering, Drilling operations, Environmental Solutions

We bring international experience and expertise to the technical and logistical conditions of our home markets in Central Asia and around the Caspian region.

We are relentless about Quality – We strive to get every job done right, the first time, every time.

We are local and have In-Depth knowledge of our home markets & the Caspian region.

We are the only local licensed private oil and gas company in Turkmenistan engaged in well construction.

We understand cultural conditions of our home markets.

Mission Statement

To be our clients’ first choice and most trusted partner in all our business lines through the passionate and consistent engagement of our people, by considering every single operation as “mission critical” and successfully delivering the best services available following quality-driven processes in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

To bring significant value to our home communities in all our markets through our responsible culture, being partners in our clients’ success, and protecting our shared environment.

Vision Statement

Passionate and consistent engagement

It’s all about people, and our passionate and consistent engagement with our work. We spread our positive attitude, exceed expectations, and find ways to broaden our job horizon. Every person is valuable, everyone’s voice is heard, and great ideas are welcomed no matter where they come from. Everyone at Gazyk firmly believes in our mission, and we think and act according to it while performing each and every task.

Relentless approach to service quality

Our relentless approach to service quality does not just mean delivering one job right. It means consistently meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations in every job through our passionate and consistent commitment to get every job done right, efficiently, and safely the first time every time. We consider every project we work on mission critical to our clients’ success – and ours. And we succeed at our mission by paying attention to details, planning our work in advance, applying proven quality processes, and proactively interacting with our clients.

Continuous improvement

We are a process-driven company and consistent improvement organization, always seeking to improve our performance in all areas, including training and service quality, safety, health, and environmental. Our processes rely on proven international oilfield services techniques and are continually refined for our home markets and for our entrepreneurial and flexible culture. We constantly seek out the best practices in the world, whether inside Gazyk or out, and adapt and improve upon them.